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  Ymane Lakhlif, Certified Human Design Specialist
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My Human Design Body Graph - 1/3 Generator (Sacral Authority)
Source:Genetic Matrix

Hello, you Beautiful Being, YOU!
Welcome to Simply Human Design! 
My name is Ymane (pronounced E-maan) and I'm honored and excited that you're here! As someone who's been immersed in the world of Self-Development, Wellness, and Optimal Living for the past 10 years, I'm no stranger to the life changing strategies, and secrets for a "successful" life. I've never been a fan of cookie cutter ways and formulas, so the mainstream world of self development got a little conflicting at times; the "just go out and do it" mentality worked for a few bursts of my life, but it wasn't sustainable, and often times felt forced and overwhelming. I knew the value and importance of living in alignment with what feels most correct and authentic to me, so when I discovered Human Design a few years ago, so much of what I always knew deep down about energy and how to make decisions finally made sense. Finding Human Design felt like finding my very own "manual for life!" Being the natural Investigator I am, I went to town researching everything there was about understanding my Human Design birth chart (pictured left) from top to bottom, and after much self-studying, I finally found a teacher I admired and respected and got my certification under her tutelage to became a Human Design specialist. Human Design, among so many other amazing modalities out there in the world that help us learn more about ourselves and others are beautiful gifts and if you're anything like me, and are obsessed with evolving and learning, you will absolutely love experimenting with the wisdom your Human Design chart reveals! 
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What in the World is 
Human Design?
Human Design is an open source, in depth personality inventory system that helps in the deep understanding of how we best operate in the world. Although its own "beautiful monster," Human Design does include several aspects of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science such as Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, The Tree of Life from the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System, and Quantum Physics. Human Design uses our birth information to formulate a Body Graph (Energetic Blueprint) that is unique to each and every one of us, representing our "Spiritual DNA". Often called the “new astrology,” and the “intersection of science and spirituality,” Human Design helps us understand the beauty and power of who we truly are. It initiates us into a new awareness of our unique roles in furthering the evolution of our existence on this planet and reminds us that the most powerful thing we can do in life is be ourselves.
Human Design is truly one of the most practical and effective self development and decision making tools out there that is accurate, reliable and effective.  It is often said that our life is the sum total of the decisions we've made that have brought us to the place that we are right now. Given that notion, If you know how to make the correct decisions that are alignment with your authentic self, then your capacity to create the life that is a reflection of the truth who you are increases exponentially. Human Design gives us specific information about our life path, our style of working, how we experience energy in the world, and most importantly, how to create a truly meaningful and authentic life. Your Chart can show you your unique creative gifts and talents; your learning style, your life purpose and what drives you, it helps you understand your behavioral patterns and habits, and is a powerful tool that helps you grow into the fulfillment of who you are, minimizes pain and resistance and most importantly it is a powerful decision making tool that's accurate and reliable. Your life is the sum total of the decisions you've made that have brought you to the place that you are right now. If you know how to make the correct decisions that are alignment with your authentic self, then your capacity to create the life that is a reflection of the truth who you are increases exponentially when you know how to choose what is right for you. 

How Can Understanding my Human Design Impact my Life? 

Life Direction

Our decisions in life are certainly a major part of how the world unravels for us. Our unique Human Design Strategy & Authority are the foundation of how we are designed to make choices that are authentic and correct to who we are. Decision Making can finally be simple, straight forward, and empowering when we know and follow our specific design. The notion of "listening to our gut" and taking time to sit with something before making a decision is indicative of what the sacral and emotional authority are all about in Human Design. These are valid notions and when we explore them in a practical and detailed way with how they show up in our own charts, we begin to fully experience a life of peace, ease and confidence.

Money & Abundance

Material Prosperity, Abundance & that "Mula" isn't much of a transactional or business matter as much as it is an energetic, emotional, and spiritually rooted process. Our conditioning, fears, and emotional blockages are often a direct correlation to some of our financial and material limitations. Human Design reveals these markers in several areas of our chart, allowing us to further explore and understand how our individual cosmic plan can help us break through the barriers we know deep down may be the very thing holding us back from our divine right to infinite abundance and financial freedom. Exploring your gates and defined centers is crucial for understanding some of the areas in our life that require 


Human Design shares one of the most powerful ways to truly understanding ourselves and others. No thriving and healthy relationship is ever sustained without vital, complementary, and magnetic connections. These connections, correspondent to the gates and channels in our charts are called electromagnetics, and once explored, are a total game changer! Human Design offers us a revolutionary and practical way to see ourselves and partners under a new light. A light that shares beautiful stories about how we behave and what we need to live authentically. This awareness and understanding is one of the most critical tools to blissful and long lasting partnerships.

Health & Vitality

Wellbeing, and Vitality are the essence to joy and peace. No matter who you are, the goal to great health, strength, and feeling and looking good is on the top of the list. Without health, we really have nothing. We all know that...and now more than ever. Our Human Design Type & Strategy, Centers, and even Profile can dictate a lot about how best for each of us to individually and authentically achieve optimal health. Human Design is all about being your most true, authentic self and in a world full of cookie cutter regimens and a constant obsession with which current health and fitness fad to follow, Human Design reminds us that there is no right way to do it...just YOUR way. Your Human Design Chart helps you explore that!

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Your Human Design chart is formulated by taking your birth date, time, and location – 

What Does "Getting a Chart Reading" Mean?

While the term "Getting a Reading" is usually associated with psychics and predictions of the future, maybe even "woo woo" type things...A Human Design Reading is simply not that. Although, I will tell you...that based on several experiences of others (and my own)... it can actually feel pretty magical and surreal when you learn your energetic blueprint. With the understanding of your Body Graph, you will instantly see how and why so many things in your life play out the way they do, why you do the things you do and feel the things you feel. In simplest terms...Everything just begins to make so much sense! The information shared in your reading is not made up in someone's head or "visions" that come to light; It is  your unique body graph that is generated by a genetic software using your birth data to create your own specific body graph. This Body Graph is then "read" to you like a beautiful story of who you are and reveals all the energetic possibilities of your design that effect and impact every aspect of your life. When you learn and truly understand the depths of your chart with the help of a Human Design Specialist, there 

What Some Beautiful People Are Saying...

Ymane's wisdom in Human Design is so refreshing, simple, and genuine. The way she explained my chart was out of this world! So many things clicked for me and I left my first reading feeling like a weight I've been carrying my whole life had been completely lifted! I didn't even realize all the pressure I was putting on myself to be what I'm not even designed to be! 
I literally cried!
~ Traviva, A

Ymane helped me with a breakthrough by supporting my ability to listen to and connect with my sacral energy as authority! She guided my session with ease, clarity, and empowering questions. It's been a catalyst for me to live into the answers and I'm deeply grateful for her guidance!
~ Elaine, W

Finding out my human design was so inspiring and enlightening! Understanding the best way for me to make decisions in my life to follow my design is a big key to leading a stress free life. Ymane was amazing at explaining such a  complex new concept. She breaks everything down so you get exactly what you need. I highly recommend her services and can't wait to do another session with her.
~ Mark, W
Your Human Design Chart will literally offer you a guide to your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Having a Reading with Ymane was a wonderful experience. She is a very knowledgeable, positive, and passionate person who makes you feel so inspired. I had a couple of sessions with her and each time I left feeling more in tune with who I am. I am forever grateful for her work. Much Love.
~ Ibtissam, B

Are you Ready to Dive into the Beauty 
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 Chart Readings & Sessions w/ Ymane 

Foundation Reading ($225)

The Foundation Reading is one of the best things you can gift yourself or someone you love! This one hour session is recommended for those new to Human Design, have never done a reading before, or need a more in depth understanding of their true and authentic design. This session will reveal some of the foundational concepts of Human Design and unravel your design's three core aspects; Your Type + Strategy, Authority, and Profile. Learning and understanding these  help magnify your understanding of who you truly are and how to best make decisions for an abundant, healthy and thriving life. These three foundational keys are often said to spark a wave of "life altering" and powerful breakthroughs for the understanding of Self. In this one hour session, we will dissect into great detail, the cosmic plan of your design, how you learn and share in the world, as well as explore your decision making strategy, your authority, and your conscious and unconscious personality. This reading is a great way to start or catalyze a profound self discovery journey and learn how to best and powerfully maneuver through life based on your unique design.

 Elite Reading ($325)

The Elite Reading is a detailed and comprehensive look at your unique design that includes both the foundational reading exploring all there is to know about your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile as well as an expanded look on the power and effects of your specific defined and undefined energy centers. There are 9 centers in the Human Design Body Graph (correlating to the Hindu Chakra System and the evolvement of those chakras from a 7 centered being to a 9 centered being) and each center signifies a critical aspect of our way of being, emotions, health, relationships, communication, manifestation, fears, mental pressures, work style, optimal environments, and much more.

 Master Reading ($425)

The Master Reading is a 2 hour session (can be divided up into two separate sessions if you choose) that includes an in-depth and elaborate exploration of ALL aspects of your body graph with an extensive focus on your gates, channels and circuitry. Gates & Channels are integral parts in what outlines your path in life and the keys to many of the doors we once could not figure out how to open (or even knew had keys to)! 

Sacral Session ($75)

A Sacral Session is a 30 minute guided session dedicated to turning on that beautiful, powerful and ever truth telling sacral of yours! This session is designed exclusively for Generators and Manifesting Generators as they are the Human Design Types that have their sacral defined. In a world where manners, and speaking in complete sentences is regarded as the bare minimum of respect, we are also programmed to lose touch with our truth, and really being "on and connected" with our inner self. Saying "uh-huh" or "uh-uh" is no way to say yes or no! right? Wrong! Here, you can make all the yes/no noises you want! After all...for us sacral beings, it's truly the only way to know our truth! This session is ideal if you are contemplating a major decision in your life, experiencing doubt or hesitance around a next step, or just need some clarity on a specific area of your life. A sacral session is the fastest and most effective way for a Generator or Manifesting Generator to feel "unstuck" and move forward powerfully and confidently! 

  • Discounted Follow Up Sessions: A 30 minute session after any initial reading at the discounted rate of $100 can be used to expand on any specific focus area of your choice that you would like to revisit on your Body Graph or if you have any questions after going out into the world and living your design! You can book a Follow Up Session anytime after your first reading by emailing
  • Packages: Packages of 4, 8, and 12 sessions are available at 20%, 30%, and 40% OFF respectively. These are ideal for booking multiple readings for family members, business partners, team members, loved ones, and friends. Please email for more information on these. 
  • Books, Courses, and Certification: Please check out my Resources Page located on the top Menu Bar for the Highest Quality of Education on Human Design; including Self Study Courses, Workshops, and Programs taught by the one and only Quantum Human Design Creator and Founder, Karen Curry Parker. 

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